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Why choose an IT management service rather than punctual support?

Contrary to punctual support, the IT management service allows our team to know the condition of your business network in real time and to therefore take the necessary measures to increase its reliability and performance.

IT management allows for constant remote maintenance and surveillance that reduces and prevents risks of major breakdowns and breaches in the security of your network to a maximum.

Why focus on prevention rather than reaction?

Given that your computer systems must work as best as possible and that the data stored in them must always be accessible, preventing problems remains the most effective solution to counter the risks. When we’re in reactive mode and don’t have comprehensive knowledge of your system and situation, it’s harder for us to implement solutions that require monitoring down the road.

Prevention helps to avoid the loss of critical data, intrusions in terms of the security of your computer park, loss of employee productivity and loss of income for your business.

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An in-house resource is good. The IT management service offered by Webtek is better! You will have access to a team of professionals with various levels of expertise and who can implement all the specialized software you need to better manage your computer park.

No personnel to manage and benefits or vacations to pay, and yet we’ll be there to help you out whenever you need us to. We’re like part of the team.

How does a business continuity solution offer total protection?

Webtek’s business continuity solution lets you enjoy incomparable peace of mind. Our service will make your data remain available at all times and, in case of a problem, the data can be recovered in just a few minutes.

Not only will the most recent versions of your files be recovered quickly, but the backups will also be tested and validated automatically to confirm that they worked properly. Webtek also ensures that your data is synchronized securely outside of your offices, which allows you to have a copy of it in all situations.

In what type of environment is our data backed up when sent off site?

Our clients’ data is synchronized off site and stored in a secured data centre in Canada. This is done to ensure that your data is always accessible. Not only is your data encrypted when it is in transit on the web, but it also is when it is stored. Access to the site is protected to ensure that unauthorized people cannot access your data, including by personnel, swipe cards and even biometric scanners.

Can we call on your services charged hourly only?

Unfortunately, we no longer offer services charged hourly only. Given that managing the computer parks of our clients registered to the IT management service requires lots of care and diligence, we can’t afford to mobilize our technical resources to offer reactive services charged hourly.

We’re just a small SME with only a few stations, can we still call on Webtek services?

Absolutely. We’re open to businesses of all sizes, as long as you’re serious about the actions you want to take and your computer network is critical to your operations.

What payment method does Webtek accept?

We accept cheques, bank transfers and preauthorized debits.

If I don’t have a service contract, can I still order Webtek material?

It all depends on what you’re looking for. We suggest contacting our sales team to validate your needs.


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