Why choose Webtek

We know how much of a responsibility managing a business is and so we believe that managing your computer park should no longer be a concern. It’s more than just a question of peace of mind; we believe that our skills and experience can become a major asset for your organization.

A team of passionate experts

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Recognized for its extraordinary (and friendly!) customer service, the Webtek team is committed to providing effective support in terms of your technological needs.

By doing business with us, you ensure that you can rely on accessible and devoted people at all times. Our goal is to simplify your life, while understanding the impact that technological changes have on your business.

We become a member of your team in a way and are ready to do anything we can to help you reach the goals you set for yourself, on time.


Preventive approach as opposed to a reactive one

We want to provide you with the best service possible. That’s why Webtek focuses first and foremost on prevention rather than reaction. This is the only way we know to take care of you.

Given that many factors must be considered when a problem arises (crashed server, pirating, etc.), it’s important to have an overall picture of the situation to intervene efficiently. Prevention therefore becomes essential to anticipate problems and maintain the integrity of your computer park so that it remains efficient.

You have a service contract with Webtek? We’ll always be there to respond to emergencies because we know your material and your needs. We’re like part of the family.

Adapted solutions that evolve with your business

Whether your business is small, medium or large, our service offer will be tailored accordingly so that we can offer a solution adapted to your needs. With our advice and professional service, your computer system will always be reliable.

A trustworthy business partner

Our greatest wish is to develop a long-term relationship with each client. More than just a provider, we believe that we are a strategic partner that can support the growth of your business and help you reach your business goals.

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The team

Webtek is first and foremost a passionate and dynamic team of professionals with more than 30 years experience in the field of information technologies. They have been serving our clients with passion and determination since 2005.

Steve Dion

As the Founding President of Webtek, Steve is convinced of the benefits of a tailored technological infrastructure with small and medium businesses. A trustworthy professional who is passionate about the IT field, but also about the business world, Steve is dedicated to raising awareness among SME owners and managers and supporting them in the healthy management of their computer parks to ensure the continuity of their business. He also makes it a duty to get actively involved in the IT community, including with Webtek partners and other consulting firms, big and small, throughout Canada and the US. His involvement allows him to discuss new technologies available and the industry’s best practices to continue offering quality customer service.


Jordan Théberge

Webtek Technical Advisor since 2015, Jordan Théberge graduated with a Diploma in Systems and Network Administration and climbed the ranks quickly to become Coordinator of the customer service team. As a former Computer Technician, Jordan is passionate about IT and customer service, which, combined with his experience, allows him to make sure that the clients’ technical problems are solved quickly and efficiently. His passion and experience give the Webtek team the opportunity to offer tailored solutions to clients, according to their needs.


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