Surveillance, or monitoring, is at the root of proper prevention of potential problems affecting your business’ computer activities.

It’s not only used to measure the performance of the systems in place, but also to measure the availability and integrity of the data and warn of possible changes that may affect you.

Webtek’s team wants to simplify your routine by diligently monitoring all components and activities of your computer network. The goal is to prevent an attack before your data is at risk and prevent breakdowns that could affect your employees’ productivity as soon as possible.

Real time surveillance

Webtek monitors your business systems even when your business is closed. The surveillance tools alert us of current problems in real time, and our remote management system allows our experts to handle the situation even when you’re not there, in order to minimize the impact on your activities when your offices reopen.

Our IT management service, which includes surveillance, helps to anticipate certain results, block certain activities and implement the actions needed to maintain the security of your data.

You work hard to develop your organization and putting your trust in our team will help you enjoy the industry’s best practices. Constant surveillance, management of security fixes, surveillance of event reports, Webtek will do everything possible to ensure you comforting peace of mind.

Certain investments are really worth it and Webtek’s surveillance service is undoubtedly an asset to secure your business data and more.

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