Infrastructure evaluation


With your field of activity, you need a stable and effective computer park to carry out your activities, right?

Yet, have you really looked into its effectiveness and evolution since its implementation? Probably not, or at least not enough.

Given that computer equipment requires proper maintenance and constant surveillance, calling on a qualified team to get the job done could allow you to prevent possible breakdowns and reduce data security risks to a minimum.

You are perhaps currently using a cloud or a mix of server and cloud for your business? By taking the time to evaluate your needs properly, we will be able to list the daily tools that will be useful for your business. If a cloud solution is necessary or beneficial for your organization, we can offer it to you in collaboration with out partners. With each business having different needs, evaluating your infrastructure will help us advise you on the best solutions.

Comprehensive management of your computer park

Is the in-house person in charge of IT in over his head or does he not necessarily have the knowledge or skills needed to have your back?

Why not choose an outsourcing service with a team of specialized consultants like Webtek instead? This way, your computer tools will be managed properly and you will be able to focus on the development of your business.

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Why choose a service contract rather than punctual support?

Our proactive and preventive approach is more efficient when we can have an overall picture of your situation, rather than managing punctual emergencies.

While hourly support can be helpful, the service contract offers an array of advantages for any business that wants to do things right and protect itself against potential problems.

  • Constant monitoring
  • Increased management of structured security fixes
  • Monitoring of event reports

With the Webtek team’s continuous service, you ensure:

  • a reliable and effective network;
  • a high security level;
  • fewer risks of sustaining a major breakdown;
  • better control of the costs linked to the maintenance of your computer park.

By calling on our expertise rather than on an in-house technician, you ensure excellent service at all times. No staff management and continuous service, even during vacations and holidays; this definitely deserves serious consideration!

Sale of computer equipment

Need some advice on the purchase of computer equipment adapted to your current and future needs? Given that each business needs its own specific tools to reach its goals, Webtek professionals can evaluate your situation and suggest the equipment that you really need.

This is a useful turnkey option to complete your computer park!

Ask for your free evaluation and let us help you!

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