(next-generation protection, firewall and procedures)

Nowadays, it’s more necessary than ever to protect your data against threats linked to cybersecurity. Today’s technologies unfortunately open the door to numerous criminals who could get their hands on confidential information about you, your clients or your suppliers, or who could hijack your data for ransom.

It’s important to know that cybercriminals don’t attack a specific type of business. They target businesses of all sizes, located throughout the world and operating in different fields of activity. They’re interested in the data transiting within your systems.

That’s why Webtek focuses primarily on security. Your security.

For this reason, our team concentrates its efforts on prevention. Through the implementation of leading-edge services and software adapted to your business needs, we can prevent the various unpleasant situations that could occur and affect the integrity of your data and business.

Did you know that...?

5 %

of SMEs throughout the world suffered a ransomware attack in 2016-2017.

301 millions

That’s the amount of ransom that was paid worldwide.

15 %

of SMEs that paid a ransom never recovered their data.

Preventing and repairing breaches

The mission of our professionals is to prevent the appearance of breaches in your computer system, namely by implementing various useful tools.

Whether it’s a hacker or malware spreading on the web and attacking your system, Webtek can react quickly and limit the damages to your system with its security expert team.

Given that hundreds, even thousands, of new viruses and infections appear each day, it’s important to install efficient leading-edge software that is updated as frequently as possible. Our team meticulously follows the security procedures required to protect the data exchanged within your business.

Large businesses such as LinkedIn, Sony and Equifax have so many breaches and leaks that confidential information about you may be sold and shared on the dark web, without compromising your internal systems. This information is then sold on the dark web and can be used against you to steal your identity (or that of one of your team members) or launch phishing campaigns that can harm you.

Thankfully, Webtek can helps its clients with these breaches, namely by receiving dark web notifications and proposing actions to protect your business data.

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Efficient tools to counter malicious intrusions

Company firewalls are essential and used to maintain the security of a computer network by applying an access policy to your business systems. This tool controls traffic and filters the data flowing through it. The firewall helps to generate a secure area between the web and your internal network. Your system will be protected against undesirable intrusions because of it.

Unfortunately, the traditional antivirus, as we know it, no longer suffices to efficiently handle all of the new threats today. In the past, the traditional antivirus protected against known threats, but given the speed at which new threats multiply, this tool cannot keep up.

That’s why Webtek uses a next-generation security solution that protects systems with behavioural analyses of system processes and enhanced machine learning. This new solution can detect and stop known threats, as well as those that are still unknown, which helps to ensure maximum security for your computer park.

Through a detailed analysis of your needs, the Webtek team can propose tailored solutions to protect your assets and help you focus on your professional activities without fearing the worst.

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